Thursday, August 28, 2008

To bail or not to bail?

Reflections on the current "recovery planning" on Wall Street.

From a bio-social perspective:
Man is an organic structure, things that are man-made can subsequently be seen as organic and therefore should be subject to the laws of nature, (ie: natural selection). If the status quo system is in decline, perhaps its time for that system to phase out and be replaced with a more evolved concept.

From a humanitarian standpoint:
As compassionate creatures we have evolved a group altruism (not necessarily synonymous with selflessness) which usurps natural selection in many cases, eg: affirmative action, subsidized myopia correction, public assistance...if we can stand behind this model of behavior towards our fellow humans, it can be justified as being appropriate towards our human-created systems as well.

From a practical/ personal point of view:
Whether or not an antiquating of the current paradigm would be a natural and eventually positive part of socio-economic-evolution, i personally don't want to live through any accompanying dark age.

Read Krugman: