Thursday, December 11, 2008

The "Right" Thing

Regarding the controversy spurred by Prop 8, Huckabee and other "righters" keep talking about "creating the next generation"- do these people not understand that we have a population crisis on our hands?

On what is this camp basing their thesis that a same-sex couple cannot parent as well as a man and a woman? Where is the data to back that up? If the status quo nuclear family is so strong, why do over half of marriages end in divorce? And why have our next generations fallen behind many countries in education? If this group of Republicans cares so much about the next generation, why does it not sink more energy and resources into our troubled education system?

Why does 're-defining' the construct of marriage scare everybody so much? It is shocking and saddening to me to see otherwise intelligent people be so ignorant! How can this be? Usually, on polarizing political issues, I am able to somewhat understand where both sides are coming from on an issue. But I am truly baffled by this one. What, exactly, is the problem with affording the same rights to same sex couples? The denial of these rights is unconstitutional. Period. I have yet to hear a sound argument that would justify this denial of rights.

One argument I’ve heard is that marriage is a religious office and as such is governed by the institutions which codify each union. But are not marriages often performed under the jurisdiction of the state alone? Non-religious heterosexual couples take vows at state courthouses every day. Marriage as an institution has become a cultural tradition, transcending religion and other original affiliations (such as the tradition of the wife being the property of the husband).

Another argument I've been offered is "marriage taking place only between a man and a woman is the way it's been for thousands of years- it's in the bible". First of all, when did we declare the United States to be an official tenant of the Catholic Church? Are we ruling from the bible, now? Secondly, the idea that our history of behavior should have more power than the evolution of culture is ludicrous. If we obeyed that kind of thinking, women wouldn't have the right to vote (or choose to marry whom they wanted, for that matter). I believe that we have to let our systems evolve with us, to retain the right to be called sentient beings.

To me, the anti-gay rights movement is madness. Someone please explain it to me. What is behind this denial of rights and why is remaining legal? I am waiting for an intelligent answer.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Copy for positive risk

If we are to learn from our mistakes...

we must allow ourselves to make them.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

To bail or not to bail?

Reflections on the current "recovery planning" on Wall Street.

From a bio-social perspective:
Man is an organic structure, things that are man-made can subsequently be seen as organic and therefore should be subject to the laws of nature, (ie: natural selection). If the status quo system is in decline, perhaps its time for that system to phase out and be replaced with a more evolved concept.

From a humanitarian standpoint:
As compassionate creatures we have evolved a group altruism (not necessarily synonymous with selflessness) which usurps natural selection in many cases, eg: affirmative action, subsidized myopia correction, public assistance...if we can stand behind this model of behavior towards our fellow humans, it can be justified as being appropriate towards our human-created systems as well.

From a practical/ personal point of view:
Whether or not an antiquating of the current paradigm would be a natural and eventually positive part of socio-economic-evolution, i personally don't want to live through any accompanying dark age.

Read Krugman:

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Proposal piece- call to artists

Upon receiving this call to artists, I couldn’t wait to respond by creating a design for this Fullerton, SoCo wall. Southern California is muse to my first creations in painting and in painting large surfaces. The time I spent on California’s streets lives on in my blood and brush today.

The design I submit for your approval reflects my enthusiasm for living in Southern California, a place which treasures its public art. I was amazed by the abundance and diversity of the public art I encountered in California, quite unlike my experience growing up in Washington DC where art is confined to museums and galleries. I have long looked forward to an opportunity to make murals in the part of the world where I was first inspired.

I have over ten years of mural experience and have been painting and making art for as long I can remember. I have designed and executed interior mural works for the high profile recording studio Laundry Room Records [Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Presidents of the USA, Bush, Melvins], Seattle’s legendary live music venues RCKCNDY and Moe, as well as exterior mural works for several prominent local businesses in Seattle, WA.

My style is sought for its energy, whimsy and fun. Characterized by bright, bold color and strong lines, my influences range from the iconic, (tattoo culture and design), to the idyllic/ graphic (children’s book illustration and comic book art).

I visualize the Fullerton mural as an oversized postcard inviting people to experience the uniqueness of the SoCo District and serve as a calling to return and visit again. My plan will incorporate elements from Fullerton’s history as a town built on westward expansion, innovation and transportation. Present in my design are stylistic elements of Asian and Hispanic art to reflect the threads those cultures have woven into the fabric of Southern California culture. The railroad, oranges, Fender guitar, avocadoes, surfing, skateboarding, and OC punk rock icons all integrate in a vibrant testament to the forward thinking that has made Fullerton the place it is today.

My painting process is efficient and expedient. I love what I do and that is reflected in the quality of execution, the pace at which I work and the themes I choose to work in. I utilize rollers, brushes and acrylic/latex water based paints. I do not employ the use of aerosol propellants or paint sprayers. I use a traditional, free-hand grid enlargement system to transfer an original idea to a larger surface. On a wall the size of the proposed mural site, I would expect to complete creation within seven full working days.

Upon reception of my proposal, Fullerton’s once bare SoCo wall will sport an energetic mural that will celebrate and enhance the neighborhood, become a favorite among its vibrant collection of public art and lend a strong new voice to the telling of Fullerton’s story.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Snappy ad copy...for...mother nature...

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