Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ikonz Script - Awards Show

Doll 1: Uh, ex-ca-use me?

Doll 2: Yeees?

Doll 1: Can you please tell me why we haven’t discussed the MTV movie awards yet?

Doll 4: OMG- seriously! What’s wrong with us?

Doll 2: My favorite outfit was Emma Stone’s! That cobalt patterned dress with all the ruching?

Doll 3: Ooo- and I loved her shoes! Electric blue with mad ruffle-y straps!!!

Doll 2: And that bright orange clutch? Dee-lish!!

Doll 4: I think my fave had to be Anne Hathaway’s little black mini-dress with the asymmetrical shoulder!

Doll 2: Yeah! It was super sleek and shiny! What kind of fabric was it made out of, do you think?

Doll 4: Dunno…something like leather or pleather? Very rocker-chic!

Doll 3: And it was ultra cool that they had a gold carpet instead of the usual red one… I liked that.

Doll 2: Not me, I prefer the classic look. I’m a traditionalist.

Doll 4: Speaking of classic, what did you think of Paris Hilton’s white and black dress with the round-toe patent leather pumps?

Doll 2: Ugh. I can’t stand her! She always sounds so dumb!

Doll 4: But you hafta’ admit, her outfit was pretty classy…

Doll 3: And those shoes were from her very own collection…which is pretty rad..!

Doll 1: Did you see the dress L.C. was wearing? I adored the color!!

Doll 4: Who is L.C. again?

Doll 1: That’s the nickname for Lauren Conrad, you know- from the show “the Hills”.

Doll 2: Again- cannot stand her! What does she do? She’s not an actress or a singer or anything…!

Doll 3: I think she did release an album, actually…

Doll: 2 Don’t make me laugh. (begrudgingly) Cute dress though. Good color.

Doll 1: (gasp) I died over the JEWELS Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing!! Her wrists were like covered in diamonds!

Doll 2: Super-Glam!!!

Doll 3: And her shoes? Lace-up, white, quilted ankle-booties! SO cute!

Doll 1: I liked Jennifer Hudson’s haircut! Her bob is so completely on-trend!

Doll 4: Totally. Oh, but I can’t believe “Hairspray” didn’t win best picture!

Doll 1: I wasn’t surprised. I knew “Transformers” would win. They always give the big prize to the blockbuster action flicks.

Doll 2: At least Zac won best breakout performance for his part in “Hairspray”!!!

Doll 4: Yeah! It was so sweet when he thanked his fans in his acceptance speech!!

Doll 3: That’s us!! He’s talking directly to us, girls!

Doo 1: I know! How awesome is that?

Doll 4: Hey, who won best actress?

Doll 2: Ellen Page! OMG- could you believe what she was wearing?!

Doll 3: Wait- who’s Ellen Page?

Doll 2: Star of Juno!!!!

Doll 3: Oh yeah! Duh. Love her!

Doll 4: But what was she thinking with that outfit!! Baggy tee-shirt with jeans and high tops?!!

Doll 2: I know!!! It was icky!!!

Doll 3: Yeah, love her- but her outfit was totally tragic. I mean, her shirt was all ripped! C’mon!

Doll 4: Put on a cute dress or something! Puh-lease!!!

Doll 1: Um, actually… I liked it.


Doll 2: (together- outburst) Are you crazy?
Doll 3: (together- outburst) Yeah, right!
Doll 4: (together- outburst) What are you talking about?

Doll 1: I liked it! (pause) What? Can’t we disagree on fashion sometimes?

Doll 2: But…how could you like it? I don’t understand!!

Doll 1: I mean, she was doing something different, you know? I respect that!


Doll 2: But you would never…wear something like that! Would you?!

Doll 1: I dunno, maybe…if it was the right vibe…

Doll 3: Like…to a costume party, you mean?

Doll 1: No! Like…Idk! Glamour doesn’t always have to be about looking super girly!!

Doll 2: It doesn’t..?

Doll 1: Glamour is about owning your own style, no matter what it is!

Doll 4: Huh. I never thought about it like that…

Doll 3: I think I see where you’re going here…

Doll 1: I mean, why can’t we mix it up sometimes…?

Doll 2: (considering, slowly) Hmm…mix it up…

Doll 3: (thoughtfully) I do see where you’re going here…(forceful) and I LIKE it!

Doll 2: It is kinda cool that she looked so different from everyone else at the show…

Doll 4: (can’t help herself) From all the girls, you mean.

Doll 1: But why should the guys be the only ones allowed to wear jeans and sneakers if they want to?

Doll 3: (gasp) She’s right!!

Doll 4: I never thought about it like that!

Doll 2: Why should the guys be the only ones allowed to dress down?

Doll 3: (musing) Omg. (short pause) OMG!!

Doll 1: If I want to dress “cas” [short for casual] then I’m going to! I don’t care what people think!

Doll 2: I am so with you!

Doll 4: Totally!!

Doll 3: I only see one issue with your plan…

Doll 1: What?

Doll 2: You don’t really own any clothes like that!

Doll 1: (giggling) Um, yeah. That’s true.

Doll 4: There’s really only one solution to this situation. It’s time to go shopping for some new looks!

Doll 3: Oh, she just said the magic word…!

All: (together) SHOPPING!!!!!!

Doll 2: Let’s go!

Doll 4: Hey, do they make high-heeled sneakers?

Doll 1: (giggling) Yeah they do!!!

Doll 4: Suh-weet!!!

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